April 2, 2017

High Value Indviduals

Are you a high value individual?


Let me start off by saying that a high value individual doesn’t need to have a high net worth, drive a fancy car, or be a rockstar.  A high value individual is simply someone who understands his own value to others and one whose time and company is valued by those around him.


I understand this is a difficult question to answer sometimes because the truth can be a blow to our ego, but right now it’s just you reading these words and working alone to make yourself the best you can be so it’s OK to admit your faults.  I assure you, no one will know.


But let‘s not just admit our faults.  Sure, that’s part of growth, but we also need to enjoy our strengths!  So, with this in mind, I want you to take a piece of paper and write down (Yes, by hand.  It helps with learning and internalizing new ideas.) as many of your strengths/things people love about you and your weaknesses/things you’d like to change, improve upon, or simply create within yourself.


Strengths – These are what you’ll turn to to make yourself stand out even further from the crowd.  Use these, rely  on these, and build on these.  They can be as simple as “People say my laugh is infectious” or something a bit more  ______ such as, “As an employee at JPL my intelligence is an asset few share”


Now, once you’re done compiling your list, make notes about  how you’ll utilize each.  Maybe you’ll learn to tell better jokes to get the whole room laughing or maybe you’ll use your analytical skills to quantify certains aspects of who to approach and when.


Now, onto your weaknesses.  Be open and honest with yourself.  Remember, no one else ever has to read this.  This is for your personal growth and it’s OK to not be perfect.  In fact, I still do this every couple of months.  We’re all works in progress.


So, write down everything you think is a weakness and then find a way to improve upon these things and turn them into strengths.


Lastly, let’s fill in the holes.


Taking your current list of strengths and list of IMPROVEMENTS as a starting point, I want you to picture the perfect you in your mind.  Take as much time as you need, but once you’ve got it, what do you need to add?  Do you feel you need to learn to dance?  Cook?  Do you need better clothes? Whatever you need to add, do it here.  Write it down, and IMMEDIATELY start growing into that person.


To quote Sun Tzu “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”


This is your time, gentlemen.