April 2, 2017

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene


Ok, so you’re high value, you know who you want to meet, you’ve practiced how to hold yourself, you figured out what the little fork is for, but you haven’t brushed your teeth in a week.  I sense a problem.


I won’t dwell too much on this right now, but here’s  quick lesson checklist:


Brush and floss twice daily.  Yes, floss too.  If you don’t floss you’ll get gingivitis, your gums will swell up and your new attraction might think twice when she sees you smile for the first time


Mouthwash too.

Showering at least once per day is mandatory, and always get clean before a date.


Hair products are not just for “special occasions” as I’ve heard some say.  A confident man exudes confidence, and part of that is taking 30 seconds to make his hair look presentable.  In other words,  you’re not 12 anymore.  The mop is not a look.


Cologne is not necessary, but can go a long way in making an impression.  Pick one and make it your hallmark – Just don’t pick Aqua di Gio or Prada (you’ll smell like every frat boy on the face of the earth) or anything sold at a drug store, Walmart, etc.


When wearing cologne, it’s intended to be subtle and only smelled from a close distance and, even then, only lightly as though it’s a tease or a mystery what you’re wearing.  Spray the air, wait, leave.   No bathing in it, and, if you must spray it directly on yourself, use no more than two puffs (one on either side of your neck).


Axe body spray is disgusting and women complain to me that you’re wearing it.