April 2, 2017

Body Language

Body language


In 1972 a study was done that showed 93% of all communication was non-verbal, which is to say, separate from the words you use.  To illustrate this point, consider one person standing tall, shoulders back, hands up screaming “SHUT UP” and your friend laughing and saying “shut up” after you’ve just given him a hard time about something.   Two totally different messages conveyed with the same words, right?


So how’s your understanding of body language?


How is it really?


Do you know what you’re saying with each movement?


Let’s start with some basics-

A slow smile is flirty and aids in attraction.

Good posture displays confidence.

An overly puffed chest displays arrogance.

Back turned (or turning away) shows a lack of interest.

Arms crossed can indicate a lack of openness . . . or that someone is cold.


So, start here: play with your posture, your smile, your eyes, your arms, etc. Try different things.  Just like when you practice the emotion behind a Smile, make eye contact, say hi, do the same here. See how it looks and how people perceive you, then position yourself and practice the body language you WANT so the world can perceive the best possible you.